Word and meaning of innovation has become statically related to product oriented results. But that is very wrong and misleading, which is causing a lot of people to get off the ground the wrong way; causing too many missteps and failures. Eventually resulting in unfortunate results.

Innovation = iPod$?… @#$% NO!

Innovation is all about improvement. That is what real innovation is. A newer, better, improved way to do something, whether it’s for everybody, or just you. You can innovate something but it will almost always be an improvement of something else.

That is the perspective I believe in, when it come to something like innovation. But I’m not just saying that you can’t come up with completely something new which has never been done before, which adds something for yourself or humanity in our everyday lives. Any one personal is capable of that.

But, what is important is the process of how to get there. How to start thinking about it. Don’t just look around and eliminate what is out there already and cross it out on your list, that’s the first and biggest mistake. You need to take what’s out there, fuse them, cut and paste ideas back and forth, narrow it down and make it your own. Then if that works for you first, then there is a much greater chance of the idea, product or method, etc. becoming widely accepted and used. Rather than if you think it will work for someone else first.

If you need an opinion, don’t as a stranger nor should you look at it in that perspective. Ask your family, and or friends. That is the true better way to get an answer, which will really work to perhaps help improve and or finish what you are doing.

That to me is innovation, that is what creates the drive.

August 16, 2012


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