Complaints to the Japanese about the how and where their nuclear plants are build are not realistic. It was done according to what they were capable of, which is with high to complete accordance to U.S. supervision and allowance with GE…

These plants according to unlike some media analysts, are not on the level of what the Chernobyl was. Chernobyl had completely different type of system failures and operators.

Japan is reacting properly to the media by not allowing the noses in this situation whom don’t belong there; I really think that the people at the TV news studios just are starting to learn about this stuff while also sharing it with the public. For that reason alone really they should have no say in this the way they do; and to just leave it to the professionals. It’s just a joke what and how the media reaction is to this. Even tho they bring in some professors, people from the field and etc. These people are not there right now, and are just helping the media speculate the situation beyond control by drawing conclusions when they should not.

I believe in the freedom of press, but with responsibility. Which the media does not use!

Next. Japan is already working with U.S. officials on this situation. U.S. have already bought in nuclear and situation specialists from the military, government and private/public sectors to aid Japan with this situation; including General Electric.

It is not right for the media to demand information which they and the people cannot understand with the procedure at hand. Most of the media analysts and professionals they bring on live are already calling it the end-game where they are telling them selves in a fantasy situation, that this is now the time to pour concrete and sand bag the whole situation. That is speculating beyond worst case scenario right there.

Thanks to the incredible people in Japan, they are behaving incredibly diligent, wise and swift. They are not throwing senseless questions to waste time, energy and lives. They are trying to control the situation with cooperation to the officials/professionals and the government. Making it easy to move in the right direction

To add, reason why the Russians poured concrete on the site was because the fail safe systems did not work at any level, nor was their nuke plant build in any safe way. It’s not the case here, where reactors can drop into their own dug out pods as the last real resort and etc. In Ukraine it did not drop; plus that plant was built nowhere near the standard plants is in Japan. So the Japanese are not on the final solution. The media makes things look way beyond what things are as usual and that’s a problem with this, because they just do it to feed the viewers imagination and speculation which people love; and not the reality.

I’m not playing down this whole situation there, in-fact I have loved one there in Tokyo right now! And I really don’t appreciate how the media is drawing out this situation and behaving very unprofessionally in general. I hope to see the safe end to this as soon as possible. I also understand the risks and dangers that have come about with the situation of the released radiation levels, and etc. After all I do have a loved one there, whom I’m worried sick about! So I would ask the media, and the people to not speculate which just makes things worse, but rather ask ourselves as to how we can assist to help this situation improve.

“Those who can — do. Those who can’t — teach.”

^Henry Louis Mencken

bobbi taylor
March 17, 2011

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