Every now and then, we all need a break from whatever we’re doing. These days, either Angry Birds, or Angry Birds Seasons fills our downtime. Well, there’s a new bird in town, and he’s got Tiny Wings! That’s right, we’re talking about an upgrade from no wings at all, to a little bit of wing!

Tiny Wings is an extremely simple game with just one control — a tap/press of your finger on the screen. You start off waking up and jumping out of your nest, diving into the slopes right away. By default, your bird flaps its tiny wings, trying to progress as much as birdly possible. When you press down on the screen, he stops flapping his wings and dives headfirst into the ground. Your ultimate goal is to achieve the perfect dive every time, so you launch yourself into the air as far, and as fast as possible.

It’ll take you a few tries to really get the hang of it, but once you do, there’s no end to it (literally). You just keep going and going, from island to island, until you run out of daytime and you fall asleep in mid-air. There are achievements you can try to accomplish as you’re playing for the extra challenge, if you’re feeling like a pro. Yes, go ahead, click here to download this for 99 cents!

Written by Lasha Krikheli of One Fused Life.

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