My girlfriend is in Japan right now, living in Tokyo, just outside from the central area. I have been in direct communication with her every since the major earthquake and tsunami struck Japan; so I have been able to get a direct feedback from there. My girl friend thanks to everything and everyone is safe, as well as her family and friends.

From what I can gather on what she is telling me, the city is mainly operational economically, however many businesses are closed, or have limited services. Public transportation’s has been halted for extra security and precautionary measures for extended secure time. Areas which have been hit directly have suffered from complete destruction, to major damages in infrastructure. Many areas from the earthquake and floods from rural to metro areas are impacted severely, but they will be rebuild. Most important thing is that many people have been saved, but never the less tragic of one too many losses of any human lives.

Japan over the decades has set forth strict rules for building codes, logistics and operating standards for many of the things in their infrastructure. This has been well paid off with the unfortunate recent events, as many of the hard forced rules have proven responsible for saving so many lives. Again, our condolences go out to those people and families that have lost one too many family members and people they knew.

Economic strength of Japan is going to stay intact, due to its immensely strong integrity; of both fundamental and integral established standards. I believe that Japan is going to get through this emergency with great efficiency and speed; with several things attributing.

First Japan has the largest naval force in the far east, capable of great mobilizations on sea. Giving the ability for incredible emergency logistical control of the waters. Next, Japanese population has one of the largest financial savings rate in the world, as well as the government [even though their massive government debt exists it’s not something I would worry about in the long run, because running on debt is the oldest economic trick in the book to save more money on the side]. So they can and will afford all the necessary and extra help they need for the recovery and rebuilding.

Several serious emergency situations have also raised as a damaging result of the earthquake and tsunami. Most important is the damages sustained by their nuclear power generators. So far up to 5 damage effected plants have been reported. Once or more of them having major malfunctions issues with cooling systems failures and radiation leaks. I believe that the necessary precautions are being taken to the full extent, and all proper diversified resources are being attributed to this major emergency.

Japan has proven the shape and form, a country of its size and power has to be in to be able to react to something like this, in this fashion. People of Japan most of all deserve incredible credit because of their immediate vigilance, integrity and support of each other. The government has overall done an incredible job of sustaining all of the situation and have relatively kept the people calm and responsive. Although some have doubts of their under reporting reporting of the nuclear power plants situations, I believe that they are doing everything according to proper systematic procedures.

With all hope and prayers on their side, everything will resolve well and soon.

Japan earthquake and tsunami: How to help

Right now my girlfriend Naho, is tweeting live from Japan; following the news and events as they happen. Her tweeter StyleImpulse

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