What would happen if you took the Rubik’s cube and mixed it up with Tetris. You’d probably get something like i3,. Which is one of the neatest puzzle games I’ve played on the iPhone yet.

i3 is a game where you get a top view of a grid 8×8 cubes. Then tiny solid color cubes drop down, which you guide on the grid by placing your finger forward ahead of the location you want to place the cube to, and the cube rolls over; in x and y axis form. There is also an indicator of which colored cube is next in line.

Once you have positioned the cube where you want it to settle you press on the little cube and it fixes its self on the board. The goal is to match 3 or more cubes of the same color on the board, and you eliminate the cubes by double tapping that matched line. The difficulty increase as you progress quickly. The cubes come faster causing you to time your moves quickly and making sure that your placements of the cubes are logical to allow proper control of the future cubes to move them in the right locations.

On top of the game play speed increase. Special cubes start arriving at random moment where the cube will not be of solid color, but each side as a different color forcing you to think which move will best make the effort count to match the color. And if you don’t control and place the cubes timely, they will fixed themselves on the dropped position, and this becomes an essence of increased difficulty as cubes arrive faster. You can only control them in the order they arrive and can’t move to the next cube unless you settle the one you have; and if you take too long the other cube will settle on its own.

The game keeps score and allows you to win more points by accomplishing a combination of color matched cube lines and eliminating them simultaneously, creating combos. Top 5 high scores are save at the main menu for access.

“How many matching lines can you release before the board fills up?…”

Couple things I wish they could add to the game, like different background levels, online leader board scores, the ability to play your own music tracks (although the standard tune is cool, it get old fast), and perhaps a little more rewarding sense of progression. The game costs $1.99; but given the amount it has to offer variety wise it would be more justified at $.99 But it’s worth a buy overall.

This game has a great sense of logic it was build on. The game is simple, but extremely thoughtful. It has simple presentation, but very smooth. It’s what an iPhone game should be, easy to pickup, fast progression and addictive game play. Great on the go.

Also available on iPad…

March 8, 2011

This app is awsome!!!

March 8, 2011

sICK aPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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