As the next generation wireless network systems are incrementally settling in for the future. Companies competing and adopting the systems are in a limbo of clearly portraying their message to the consumers on what’s what.

It comes down to two things, WiMax and LTE. By now the market knows what they are, and who is on which train. But, what need to be cleared is what the reality of these systems present in relevance to performance. Both technologies have been so far proven as reliable network upgrades and have slowly delivered as promoted.

So who is doing it right? Clearwire is the best major player in this for several reasons.

First having already the largest 4G spectrum on the market is an incredible feat which they hold hold. No matter what system the provider uses the end result is the same on all ends. Commercially Clearwire has an advantage already where it is seeing continued growth in retail sector of its service operations, and gaining trust of the consumers. What needs to be taken away from this part is that people are not going to buy WiMax or LTE, they are going to buy what is available and what works on the standard. Clearwire is becoming that brand to represent this trend.

Clearwires ties to its majority shareholder Sprint is largely perceived as a negative outlook on the companies standing ground for the present and in the future; but the market needs to understand the real upside to this. Sprints relationship with Clearwire is strictly business, that means that all decision are going to be made based on the right side of thinking, and goals. Both sides are keeping things competitive to achieve the best results in a true capitalistic form. They are not better betting with their hearts that’s for sure.

So far both technically and fundamentally the results have been very good on Clearwire’s end. They have a substantially increasing subscriber growth with a functioning service business model. Down a very short line once the dust settles with the company in the public. If the marketing and advertisements required the public choice awareness of WiMax or LTE. Clearewire is a winner on either side, because in reality they can also do both.

If LTE becomes a requirement, by which all means is not. Clearwire can easily convert its service to that system and trump the entire LTE competition, because of their own massive spectrum If Clearwire chooses to go on LTE, it will hold over double the spectrum of what Verizon LTE has.

But this in the long run again is not about WiMax or LTE. It’s about getting subscribers and making money. People are not going to buy WiMax or LTE, they are going to buy a brand. Clearwire is the only one which I believe is getting this, all they have to continue doing is raising the consumer market awareness. And the internet ad-space is dominated by their ads.

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