Holding the largest 4G spectrum in the U.S. market, Clearwire has seen its share of trouble from the get go.

As mobile computing took off in the past few years to an astronomical level, and it is still climbing. Mobile service carriers have been constantly readjusting their plans, introducing data capped packages to help regulate bandwidth usage.

Current 3G networks have been maxed out. As all media content, blogging, gaming, and all things allure are now available on demand from powerful Smartphones. The rise of Smartphones, and now, tablets, has led carriers to expand their network capacities to meet the demand.

Along comes Clearewire offering their massive 4G spectrum either for sale or lease, giving opportunity for the large carriers to expand their existing networks. There is also another company that is trying to make it big in the scene; LightSquared.

LightSquared is still in startup stages in my opinion. They have not gotten out to the playing field yet. And as Clearwire furthermore advanced and continues its integration into the market, and increasing it awareness as a brand.

LightSquared is only a wholesale-business model, offering no retail level service. So basically the company is 100% dependant on the wholesale purchases of it future 4G spectrum to make any form of profits. As companies are holding on tight to their reserves and taking time for the market to move up to the 4G services. LightSquared is in for a tougher ride than they think.

Where on the other hand Clearwire has weathered the storm, and has already built out massive 4G spectrum; and has operations on both sides of the field in wholesale and retail businesses. On top Clearwire is on an inevitable path to closing deals with Deutch Telecom AG, Sprint and very likely rent out 4G spectrum space to growing number of sub-carriers.

As tablets join in on the wireless game, there is now more need than ever for carriers to expand their network capacities. I believe that just over a year from now, the average rate of bandwidth use on the mobile platforms will double; as both Smartphones and tables will be carried around by individual users.

Smartphones and tablets complement eachother. Usability wise the two differ extensively on how and what can be done on each platform, as with growing number dedicated applications arrive for each platform.

I’m not counting out LightSquared, as the future of the mobile market is so large, that there will be space for everyone to have a healthy share of the market. But Clearwire, that’s a company best positioned for great success.

Growth of Clearwire will be exponential soon down the line, as the company plans to start retailing hardware other than its 4G signal devices. As it operates with truly largest and possibly the best 4G service in the market. The future of this company is very exciting.


March 6, 2011

Great article! Many people usually focus on the big corporations to invest in and don’t know the potential profit they can make from companies like these who arent very famous. Post some more!!

March 8, 2011

This man is Genius!!!

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