Internet search engine giant has many great products which it offers, but I believe rarely ever taken advantage of properly. These are essential tools which can be used learn very valuable information.

There a few part’s I would like to elaborate on which I think can be of crucial benefit to a better and real exposure to the markets and understanding. Starting with “Stock screener”(s), are used for finding companies matching specific criteria’s. The criteria’s should be well understood, for it will help you broaden your views greatly on many of the companies that exist out there helping you to potentially matching your investment ideas and strategies.

Next is “Portfolios”, you can run this feature several ways which I think can be of an incredible task manager saver. As you screen around for companies , you can fill up several portfolios with companies belonging to certain sector, market capital, dividends, operating metrics, and growth to name a few of many. Keep in touch with the companies through the portfolios, follow them and get to know the trends and the news following the companies and the industries. Which should narrow down the risk of bad moves on bad timing.

You can also keep a closer to realistic tracking on the companies you choose in your portfolios by testing yourself on how you time to pick your stocks by adding transactions watch how much you can profit…

Next and last feature I would like to talk about is the page where a particular stock is view. The most important feature on this page is “Technical’s”, there a few here that are available to use, but are great to get started on. Technical’s on the charts are very important tools which can help you to better time your ins and outs of the game. For example SMA, VMA are two possible correlations that can be used to look ahead on to see possibly where the stock will settle on top/or bottom based values and trends. Don’t forget to always scan the chart using different Settings, on the Chart type, and Vertical scaling, etc.

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March 6, 2011

Thanks for the post! I am new to investing and any advice I can get is great. Awesome post!

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