In the recent years Apple has battered Adobe for all types of reasons, creating a strong mist in the air where people no longer understood the fundamental reasoning of why Apple pushed Adobe so hard so far. Apple came out with exaggerated reasons blaming products operating stability… and etc.

In my opinion Apple stalled the market from concluding to the truth; all but one guy on the block, Microsoft.

To say at first, I believe that Adobe is an amazing company with great products that are created from visionary product designers.

Apple worked and waited many years to position them selves in the market where they are now to save enough cash and power to make big purchases. Apple could make a statement by saying that no such interest was in the company to make a bid for Adobe. Because they run their own successful array of competing products against Adobe. But I believe that Adobe is still the great leader in creative multimedia editing and development. There are more competitors that Adobe faces but none in my opinion do it quite like them and have the company product appeal to the majority of the consumers.

In the last few months I have developed one of my investment strategies based on possible mergers and acquisitions in the tech field and just an overall look of things in that field [NVIDIA]. Just a month ago I thought if this coming across analyzing Adobe, concluded that this was a bullied company from Apple. So much so that there had to be the reason for it, and I figured. Then Adobe plummeted, not do to real company performance, but as a result of corporate warfare! I believe that the company’s new capital position looked very attractive and not too long after as I expected a bid offer came, I did not think Microsoft would be first though. Because I believe that Apple has a better and bigger interest of the company.

I think that Adobe is worth three times what it’s worth now, they have a great position in the mobile market, very established at home and they should be releasing more innovative and improved products down the line soon.

I also want add another personal note that Microsoft has been under a lot of media/investor pressure under that the company has not made any significant deals in the recent times; where a lot of companies have been doing just the opposite. But Microsoft does not feel pressured inside the company. The company still has bigger revenues then Apple and Google combined, and enough cash purchasing power to buy and a start any company they want; I say it’s better saving than spending stupid. Microsoft makes every move count, always has and always will.

I don’t think that Adobe will be bought out any time soon but is an interesting possibility! There is also another article that makes an interesting analysis and point of view I would like to share. LINK

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