Lets take a look at several industries and what has been happening in them with a certain perspective. I would like to use just a general outlook from my point of view, starting with the technology sector; It has never been more competitive, there are more companies in each field of the tech competing than ever before. One of the best ways to recognize this is to look at how many new system platforms are available to choose from in all types of products and services.

Take a look the the mobile phone market, service providers have not expanded much I’ll admit that but the hardware is a different story. When the smart-phone market exploded it completely changed the way we think, communicate and plan things. We have access to real time data on all subjects, instant messaging to friends and family, and our lifestyles are becoming more on-demand because we can keep in touch with almost everything on what is happening around us.

Next is income; Since the banks sank under from the housing market collapse, the people have developed an improved way of thinking because we try to learn from mistakes. But was it a mistake? Housing market boom was caused and used for derivative purposes in the investments markets from public and private sectors and it allowed it to bubble and crash down after the asset price markets could no longer keep up with the cash flow and income levels. I believe that the asset price markets collapsed but not the investment opportunities. Our large credit gap and net debt need to be filled up and the only way to come out of the negative is to reinvest and start moving money again. Investment opportunities are larger and better than ever before.

Utilities and energy markets has been one of the most interesting sectors, because it is one of the most informatively active sectors in the market. I would like to point out that many of the technologies that are being demoed in this sector and energy have been around for a while but being able to deliver them to the mass market at both an affordable and profitable rate is a totally new innovation. My bet on the future of energy is for the housing is solar power cells, and transportation is hydrogen.

Now I would like to talk about emerging markets and the real beneficiaries in these markets, who are us. These markets are virgin territories of huge opportunities for product and service businesses, unrealized by many domestically operated businesses; you have to go where the money is. Yes, you can compete against the corporations because the technology is available at very little cost to get it done. And if you do it right you can get bough out! Many of these markets are not as regulated as U.S.A. so your ideas and business can flourish at completely new levels.

There are myriad of low cost opportunities to start investing and diversifying into right now, I also believe that the markets will recess but not systematically as they did in the last one. At the moment where one company looses value another gains; and on that volatility with added disipline it’s a great time to invest for short term, especially long. And, if you want long term over 50% of large cap companies which are fundamentally fit are poised to double at least over the next few years; many in just over 1.

Now is the time and I don’t think that it would be worth sitting around for another decade for this type of market affordability to come around again.

October 6, 2010

I do agree that opportunities can come at a very low cost in the tech. sector nowadays.And everywhere you look around …the world is this massive explosion for cellular phones use.I don’t have a number of the percentage of inhabited areas actually covered by cell phone services.But it is my understanding that it has penetrated markets deeper and broader than we can conceive.And yes that makes emerging markets ripe for the frenzy of data and content consumption in mobile tech stack; applications & entire supporting infrastructure ecosystem.

October 7, 2010


I agree with you all the way. Also, I believe that quantitative easing for not only our economy but also for our corporate systems is vitaly important for expansion. So more the better at this point! Data consumption is vital to new markets, if they must develop into profitable regions for markets. I believe they will!

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